School Eco-Book Packages

Embed sustainability and climate curriculum into your school's everyday reading practices with a package of inspiring and educational books.

We specialise in children's climate and environment books, both fiction and non-fiction and can choose from hundreds of titles to get the right ones for your class and your school.

Equip your Eco-Committee, celebrate earth-day with story sessions, create an eco-library, a climate fiction book club, creative writing workshops and illustration sessions, the possibilities are endless. 

Contact us for quotes for smaller or larger bespoke packages, tailored to your school or trust and your curriculum. We cater for all budgets.

Inspirational & Educational Stories

Environment stories with imagined happy endings are positive, hopeful and create eco-super heroes for our children to aspire to.

Exploring Changes to Our Natural World

Stories with talking animals can encourage us to see the world from another point of view.

Creating Engineers of the Future

Books about renewable energy, recycling & rewilding form the basis of interesting classroom discussions to give every child a green start.