Reach out to your local community

Micro Climate Books curate packages of story and information books to help educate children about sustainability.

Businesses are now taking ESG and corporate social responsibility to the heart of their community by donating a Micro Climate Book package to their local school.

Simply email for more information, and to nominate your local school. We will contact the head teacher and create a bespoke package of books to deliver to the school on your behalf.

Invest in sustainable communities to create a green workforce fit for the future.

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A green start

Schools are having their budgets squeezed more than ever before and climate education doesn't yet form a major part in the National Curriculum.

With Micro Climate Books, you can equip your local school with resources to embed sustainability into their everyday reading practices to give every child a green start.

Inspire Change

Environment stories with imagined happy endings are positive, hopeful and create eco-super heroes for our children to aspire to.

Stories of renewable energy, recycling & rewilding form the basis of class discussions, and enable schools to proudly fulfil their aspirations to be progressive, sustainable institutions.

Create Engineers

A future green workforce now relies on sustainability. Micro Climate Books will select quality books from the finest author illustrators to engage and educate budding engineers. Choose to invest in your local community to grow and inspire workers fit for the future.

Contact us for further information on making a donation to your local school. Community engagement is key to Environment Social Governance so make your name known locally as a catalyst for change.

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