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City Of Rust by Gemma Fowler

by Gemma Fowler

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City Of Rust by Gemma Fowler, A climate sci-fi fantasy with a strong eco-message about a robotic gecko and the junker clan who are trying to save earth from a huge 'trash bomb. From 9 yrs and up,  - fans of Star Wars will love this!


Review written by Evelyn, Aged 10 from Otley, West Yorkshire. 

What an awesome novel! If I had to sum it up in 5 words, they would be:


-adrenaline inducing

-ecologically conscious



There is something for everyone in this story. A crazed maniac trying to destroy the world, a robotic gecko, some cool characters and a great plot. It is inspiring and has a hidden meaning, too. I love the way that it doesn’t completely explain some of their futuristic gadgets. Instead, it drip-feeds you information and lets your imagination go wild. I would recommend it to pretty much everyone, especially for people who enjoy sci-fi stories, or are passionate about the environment. It will be enjoyed most from the age of 8-13. Kudos to the cover illustrator. The front cover is beautiful! It is an all round excellent book.